District 38: Westerly & Hopkinton
Don Kohlman for House of Representatives District 38

Don was born on the San Diego Navy Base and transferred to RI when he was 2.

He grew up in North Kingstown and is a product of the public school system, graduating from North Kingstown High School and West Bay Voc/Tech in 1986. He went on to finish his education at a post secondary vocational school, in Windsor Connecticut.

He started his career in 1987 and has been a well-known fixture in the RI marine industry ever since, owning and operating several marine service businesses throughout his 33 year career. He has taught the Marine Service Technician program to more than 120 men & women over 15 years at a RI post secondary vocational education school, helping people get jobs in the marine industry.

Don has volunteered his time and knowledge to several non profit organizations throughout his lifetime including the N.K. Recreation Department, N.K. Soccer Association, Hopkinton Recreation, Chariho Baseball and the Richmond Pack 1 Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts.

Don has lived in Rhode Island for over 50 years and hopes that his children will be able to do the same; he is a hard working, dedicated and loyal husband, and father of 5 great children.

He is a parishioner at St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church in Hope Valley, and believes in and practices Christian values thanks to his loving mother - who taught him right from wrong - and his father, who served in the military for 20 years.


I really care about ...

  • My taxes going up every year. Transparency in Government
  • My kids getting a good education. School choice and vocational education. Kids go to school to be educated not indoctrinated (to teach a person or group to accept only one set of beliefs uncritically without compromise)
  • Small businesses staying in business. Easing up on taxes and regulations
  • Our neighborhoods being safe and beautiful. No more Solar
  • Our elderly & veterans being taken care of
  • Our food supply being local. Support for farms & agriculture
  • Protecting our traditional & cultural arts
  • Our history & celebrations staying intact
  • Protecting our freedom of speech
  • Protecting our 2nd Amendment rights

I am running for District 38 House because ...

  • I am running for the District 38 House seat because I feel like our community has been ignored for far too long by our current Representative and the State House. It seems like our District is always the one that’s forgotten or our will trampled over while our Representative turns a blind eye. I am willing to provide honest, authentic, no-nonsense representation for all the people who live in my District.
  • “Community Comes First”. 
  • This State has largely been run for the last 80 years by career politicians of the Democratic Party. But yet I hear people complain all the time. It’s time that “we the people” take back our State, one District at a time, and restore common sense and accountability to Government.

About me ...

  • I am a fiscal conservative
  • I believe in term limits (12 years)
  • I support the 2nd Amendment
  • I support the military and the police
  • I support our veterans
  • I support school choice
  • I support vocational/technical schools
  • I support farmers and agriculture
  • I support small businesses
  • I support transparency in legislation
  • I support preservation of our traditions, culture, history, art, libraries, statues and museums
  • I support efficient and cost-effective energy policies

You've got to stand for something ...